Pattie Craumer

Women. It’s time to express the truth of who you really are.

Women have all the gifts and talents they need to succeed as entrepreneurs and in life, but so often they doubt themselves and don’t express who they were born to be.  They think they aren’t good enough or should develop more skills, or spend time serving others rather than discovering their own real essence.  That means the world is waiting and missing what they’ve got.  Using my unique strengths and five powerful personalization tools to help them disrupt the way they are used to showing up, women create their own personal revolution around their  health, wealth, and a positive lifestyle.  This is their mosaic effect, and their truest self is free to make their mark on the world.  

Your Signature Life

The stories we tell ourselves can enhance our lives or rule our destiny.   After reliving my story countless times and not moving forward, I moved from Montana to the east coast with my children and started a new chapter.   When you leap out into the unknown with a passionate desire or intuitive knowing about who you were meant to be, the world will conspire to help you, just as it did for me.   

It’s about guiding women, entrepreneurs, and those desperately seeking to express who they into their singular space to live fully by being who you really are.  It’s about creating any story you want to live, and living it.  It’s about expressing your feelings and anything else you are as a feminine being on this earth and loving all that is you.  It’s about creating and living the story that you want. And if for some reason that story doesn’t serve you or fulfill your dreams, then it’ll be time to create a new one! 

What I Do

The Mosaic Effect began with the idea that each one of us contributes, like a mosaic, to the picture of humanity.  And, like a mosaic, if any piece is missing, or not expressed in the fullest way, the entire mosaic is less beautiful and complete.  It doesn’t matter what each piece looks like, but it does matter that each piece claims its part in the whole. 

 You are a powerful woman with incredible abilities and uniqueness.  Own all that you are, beginning with your signature DNA blueprint.  I guide you through doubts, excuses, beliefs, fears, and societal stories that have convinced you that you are anything less than the creatively produced finely crafted feminine marvel that you are. 

You are an indelible piece of the grand mosaic of humanity.  It’s time to live it!


Using my five personalization tools, I help women who are driven but distracted and downtrodden by life to shed their disserving stories and patterns and design the mosaic for the life they truly are destined to live.  



 Whether you are looking for a 20 minute talk to energize a group, or you want an unforgettable keynote for a big event, I craft original content that aligns with each audience.  My mission is to make every experience meaningful and fun, as well as to create a space that is safe and in its own small way life changing.  

Personalize Your Own Life

It’s so common to live life in a daze of others’ plans and desires instead of your own.  I want to personally collaborate with as many women as possible to bring to the world your core truths and gifts.  The world thrives when your mosaic effect becomes real.

Read My Blog

One way to challenge the status quo of your life and create your mosaic effect is to ask bigger questions. This blog will provide fresh talk around ordinary things, present new projects and ideas for growing your life, and rev up women to develop your true, blue identity.  

Wellness and health?  Yes!  Abundance and money freedom?  Yes!  Neuroscience for priming your mind? Again, yes!

You’re a smart, dynamic, professional woman.

You are probably daring, open to new ideas, resilient, determined, passionate, sometimes even a little gritty. Yet, despite your impressive capabilities, you still second guess yourself and ‘play small’.  Something is holding you back.  What if you could access more of the real you by going on a personal adventure into yourself? Imagine sourcing and feeling the freedom around living your mosaic effect in the world?  Imagine the formidable and life changing force for living your greatest life that would be.  Allow me to craft alongside you…. come on this adventure together with me.

I am a natural teacher and creative strategist with sound intuition, and I use my research skills and powers of observation to help you make profound self-discoveries.   I designed a collection of 5 personalizing tools to help you navigate some entirely new terrain.  
Imagine feeling the freedom that living your mosaic effect in the world would bring!  

3 Tools & Resources

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Come to this space for a mini education, to discover, and find clarity around you.  It’s a place to help you cultivate and grow your own revolutionary mosaic effect!  

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Every month will be a new subject that I share about more broadly than in my blog.  It will include provocative (and fun) content, with links and resources, around women, wellness, wealth, and your potential mosaic effect.

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As creatures of habit, and lovers of safety, humans resist change. And women are adept at helping others realize their potential while staying stuck in their own challenges. Women make excellent cheerleaders, mentors, role models, and willingly offer support.  And coaching opens up the over-burdened and constantly giving woman to her own revelations and personal power.

My approach is designed to engage women who want to know what their unique mosaic effect is, and who are eager to look in unexpected places, such as the indelible life blueprint expressed in every person’s DNA.

 Understanding your mind and shifting how your subconscious affects you is important for bring about change.  Using one of my personalizing tools regularly will positively impact your health and wellbeing, wealth, abundance, relationships, and more.  

 You are an undeniably vital piece of the human mosaic.  Through my coaching and mentoring, you will fall in love with yourself in fresh, new ways and carry you into your mosaic effect.    Are you ready?  

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Pattie has inspired me to discover my gifts, and she has and equipped me with real tools to design the life of my dreams. I am moving forward, de-cluttering my life, and seeing success again.
Santosh G.
I have recently had the pleasure of working closely with Pattie and have been inspired by her passion to serve others to discover their gifts to give to the world. She really cares. She is energetic and sincere, wise and knowledgeable. I just can’t say enough about Pattie. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with her, because she has had a powerful effect on my life.
Megan S.
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. My sessions with you have really opened my eyes to a lot of things. And I thank you for that. And in this process I have made a new friend. How fun is that? I look forward to connecting again about this in future, even though our official program has come to an end!
Teresa E.

About Me

Pattie Craumer has over 30 years of experience as an educator, speaker, entrepreneur and coach. She is committed to helping women access their inherent potential and then deliver it into the world. She’s always got a project going to expand her own mosaic and turn on entrepreneurs to something that will expand theirs.  

She’s an insatiable learner with several degrees, Bucknell University (BA), University of Pittsburgh (MA), and Thunderbird School of Global Management (MBA) and is a certified Dream Building and Life Mastery Coach. 
Drawing from her life journey, which spanned the globe for business, and overcoming educational but painful relationships, Pattie returned with her two children to Pennsylvania, where she grew up.  She’s living her life now on her terms and loving it!   

Living your own life is your signature accomplishment. And you decide what is written in every chapter.

Women too often live for others.  You  hide your gifts and talents.  You squander self care for a better time, while life is spiraling forward.  Only you can make anything you want in your life become real.  What are you waiting for?