Wellness is truly your greatest asset in an increasingly stressful world.


There is an important global trend around living an abundant, fulfilled life centered around personalized wellness.

Wellness is truly your greatest asset in an increasingly stressful world.

You are 1 of 7.7 billion people on earth. Your DNA is unique to you, and it’s the building block of your life.  Your DNA is unlike anyone else’s. It identifies specifically what your body needs, and it reveals a clear path to your optimal well-being and performance. Dnation provides the most accurate and comprehensive way to discover your DNA blueprint by simply taking an easy, non-invasive cheek swab.

Based on your DNA results, as well as a series of lifestyle assessments, the ultimate wellness solution is yours, one that is uniquely tailored to you!

You can gain access to the best skincare and nutritional supplements that are customized to suit your needs. Pairing these with specific personalized dietary and fitness training plans, will help you unlock your full potential for healthier, more youthful living!


Wellness goes beyond your physical and mental health-

It encompasses your career, your relationships, and your sense of empowerment – indeed, it’s everything that you are.

MaVie is a company with a mission: To create a global community of people empowered with wellness in every area of their lives.

Working with leading geneticists, dietitians, psychologists and sports scientists, MaVie is creating one of the world’s most advanced predictive genomics brands: Dnation, cornerstone of MaVie.  It unlocks insights into your genetic makeup with impact on all areas of your life. From your body’s personalized nutritional needs and skincare/anti-ageing, to your fitness and personality and talents, your DNA profile provides a blueprint for how to get the best from your life.


Added to your DNA profile come a range of products and services that help you to personalize all these aspects of your life based on your DNA. 

DNA Nutrition

meal plans and recipes, weight loss guidance

DNA Skincare

customized for your composition through Vietal skincare 

DNA Fitness

workout routines tailored to you

DNA Personality

managing personality attributes

What Is DNA?

As human beings we all have the same genes, but the combinations of letters that make up your genes vary from person to person, which is what makes us all unique. The variations in the genes are what we call ‘genetic variants’, and this is what our DNA testing examines.

The reports assess your genetic profile based on the detection of specific DNA variants, which are associated with certain traits and biological functions.


Testing Process

How accurate is our DNA testing? Our CAP certified testing facilities (New York) are proud to offer the highest level of microarray testing services available, powered by Illumina – the gold standard in DNA Analysis.

The analysis of your DNA sample is carried out using the state of the art next generation sequencing platform, ensuring the most accurate and reliable identification of the DNA variants tested. Our accuracy of testing is >99. 9%. 


DNA Report

We offer you more detailed DNA reports by examining more relevant genetic variants in our wellness traits, all backed by the latest scientific research.

The DNA reports reflect the examination of more relevant genetic variants in human wellness traits, all backed by the latest scientific research.

Currently more than 120 variants for ‘Nutrition & Weight Loss’, more than 30 variants for ‘Fitness & Sports Performance’, more than 70 Variants for ‘Skincare & Anti-Ageing’, and more than 40 variants for ‘Personality & Inborn Talents’ are examined.

The genetic variants and traits we test are constantly being improved and kept up to date with the latest scientific research.

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