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One way to challenge the status quo of your life is to ask yourself hard questions. This blog will feature coaching and business topics, ‘out of the box’ projects ‘, and themes that rev up our  power as women. 

Every month will be a new subject that I share about more broadly than in my blog.  It will include provocative (and fun) content, with links and resources, around women, wellness, wealth, and your potential mosaic effect.

If Your Life Was a Mosaic, Would it Look Beautiful to You?

Would your mosaic be a masterpiece with lots of colors, details, and many – shaped pieces?

Or would it be a plain and simple with ordinary colors and shapes?  

Everyone should be living their life like the great mosaic masterpiece that it is. How amazing it is that you are here in the first place.  And no one offers the world what you do! 

Ten Ways to Forget about Covid-19 for at least 10 minutes!

The first 6 months of 2020 have not exactly been barrels of fun. It’s like “covid schmovid’, will we ever get a break? Do you even have a vacation in your summer plans?

What does Wellness Mean to You?

“I don’t need to worry about coronavirus.  I never get sick.”  That’s what an acquaintance of mine said the other day, as he was joking about the miseries of wearing a mask.  How many  people have you heard say something similar?