A new direction for your life may be only a thought away.  And it may come from an inspired moment, and as easily as from someone new in the front of a room. 


Pattie Craumer

I’m a single mom of two, entrepreneur, coach, risk taker, strategist, speaker, teacher, friend.  I’m warm hearted, competent, creative, lover of people and life.   

I consult with and mentor entrepreneurial women who are willing to disrupt their status quo, unshackle from their old stories, and make new possibilities real everywhere in their life. 

Engaging Your Audience

An inspired or entertained audience listens.  And when an audience listens, they learn.  And when they learn, they apply something new in their lives.   That’s my utmost goal every time I speak.   

Whether you are looking for a 20 minute talk to energize a team, or you want an unforgettable keynote for a big event, I craft original content every time for every audience.  I’m in front of a room to change your life because you have given your time, and that really matters to me.  



Life provides an endless education, if we are open to listen, learn, and change. It’s my inherent desire, to share something of educational value, in messages I share from the stage, in your office, or at a coffee shop one on one.

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your self-confidence or temper.” 
-Robert Frost



Your mind is full of distracting thoughts. My goal is to infuse everything I teach and share with a little fun. The more entertaining a talk, the more you not only pay attention, but also remember.

“Play is the highest form of research.”  -Albert Einstein



Inspiration is like co-creation to me. I inspire because you are there, and we connect minds and ideas, and we generate new possibilities. It matters that I inspire my audiences because that translates passion and energy and connection in some magical way between us.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” 
– Anne Frank