What if you could make your dreams the emblem of your life?
And your health, wealth and happiness were as easy as aligning your thoughts and desires?

I love working with entrepreneurial, professional women.

They are daring, open to new ideas, risk takers, resilient, determined, passionate, smart, gritty. And despite their impressive capabilities, they still often second guess themselves and ‘play small’.  Something is holding them back.  Digging through to what that is, and defining their unique mosaic effect makes the entrepreneurial woman an unstoppable force for impacting others and the world. 

As a strategist and natural teacher, I add my unique research skills, intuition and powers of observation to help you make meaningful self-discoveries.   I am your guide for creating your real genius in tangible form.  


Mentoring is about discovery through conversation.

Women, you have all the gifts and talents you need to succeed as entrepreneurs and in life, but so often you doubt yourselves and don’t express who you were born to be.  You think you aren’t good enough or should develop more skills, or spend time serving others rather than discovering your own real essence.  That means the world is waiting and missing what you’ve got.  Using my unique strengths and five powerful personalization tools to help you disrupt your ingrained beliefs, I help you create their own personal revolution around your  health, wealth, and lifestyle.  

Mentoring is conversation. It’s exploration, getting uncomfortable and becoming vulnerable.  It’s about noticing what you’re noticing as you look at the patterns of your life.  And it’s opening your mind and heart to ‘ahas’ that will change the trajectory of your life.

That's Why I'm Here

I want your mosaic piece to be seen. And expressed as only you can. And I want your endeavors to thrive. And your health and wellbeing to be secure, because you get to know your body.

Is your mindset keeping you stuck?

Understanding your mind, especially that ‘other than conscious-ness’ space will help you work successfully in every area of your life, from your wellbeing to your wealth.

Everything you discover connects another dot to everything else in your life

As you begin to discover yourself and personalize your inner dialog, your outer mosaic will characterize you. Imagine if what has haunted you in the past was fading away. And, from a healthy body to a business that embodies you, you own this mosaic piece proudly and completely. That is you.

If you don’t feel your best, you simply cannot be your best.

If you want to improve your health so you can be a stronger, more confident entrepreneur who lives her work with passion.

 We’ll apply my individualized toolkit and get you there. Your health and wellbeing is key to everything else you do. If you don’t feel your best, you simply cannot bring your best.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

Pattie has inspired me to discover my gifts, and she has and equipped me with real tools to design the life of my dreams. I am moving forward, de-cluttering my life, and seeing success again.
Santosh G.
I have recently had the pleasure of working closely with Pattie and have been inspired by her passion to serve others to discover their gifts to give to the world. She really cares. She is energetic and sincere, wise and knowledgeable. I just can’t say enough about Pattie. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with her, because she has had a powerful effect on my life.
Megan S.
I cannot thank you enough for all you have done. My sessions with you have really opened my eyes to a lot of things. And I thank you for that. And in this process I have made a new friend. How fun is that? I look forward to connecting again about this in future, even though our official program has come to an end!
Teresa E.

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You may believe that you are living the life that defines who you really are.  But what if you’re not quite there? The you that has been masked and shadowed by others, fear, society, your negative, racing thoughts may still be your main story.  It’s time to set yourself free and claim your space in the big grand global mosaic! 

Book a discovery session today, and find out if what I do is a missing link in your mosaic